Moxtra 2.9.1

Interact with others - over shared content.

Moxtra enables a fun way to interact with others - over shared content. Share documents, annotate pages, post comments, chat & have instant meetings, all in a continuous flow focused on the topic at hand. Have meetings without actually meeting, by exchanging recordings over pages.

Key capabilities:

- Multi-media collaboration Binder
Keep all relevant content together - from pictures, videos, documents etc, formatted nicely as pages Share content with your team; assign roles to members as viewers or editors Chat and post comments on content Add content to your binder from remote desktop PC or Mac Add content from Google_Drive, Dropbox, Box and Evernote View content as nicely formatted pages; content is no longer buried under obscure file names Arrange the pages as you wish to present - break away from the confinements of file formats Get the original slides, spreadsheets etc when you need them Share a view-only link to people outside the group, when needed (by email, Facebook, youtube)

- Chat
Chat or Meet instantly with just one, or a group View Presence information of your contacts, and their dynamic contact information Chat with voice, your next generation Walkie- talkie Share pictures, videos, and even documents over chat Move from one device to another, and continue the conversation without losing a beat Bring new members up to speed, fast with conversation history Tune in, Tune out, or Catch up at the end of day: customizable real-time notification & daily email digests Convert an ad-hoc chat conversation to a Binder.

- Meet Online, in Real-time
Meetings start instantly Attendees can join from any device / browser; no moxtra account required for attendees VoIP included Give a live demo of your app by sharing your desktop screen from a Windows PC or Mac Give your participants ability to skim through the content, and synchronize with the presenter (You got to experience this!)

- Engage frequently and effectively
Comment on pages; receive comments & updates through real-time notifications Insert text and voice bubbles on a picture or document- make your point across, or simply have fun!

-Record your annotations with voice and exchange the recording - it is like having a meeting without actually meeting.



Moxtra 2.9.1

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